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Wishing Well Children's Clinic

I knew I wanted to be a pediatrician since the 4th grade.  Mrs. Virginia Biggers inspired me to come out of my shell and challenged me academically to ultimately propel me into the gifted and talented program.  She used to read these Serendipity books to us daily.


Eight years later, I visited Mrs. Biggers as I was graduating high school.  I shared a winning scholarship essay I wrote about her.  She reached into her classroom closet and pulled out a brown paper bag full of the very books she used to read to us.  She said she knew she'd run into me someday.  Mrs. Biggers saved these books for my children's clinic she knew I'd have one day.  That one day is now.

                             --Dr. Rosie


The Story


Each of the patient rooms in the clinic represent one of the characters in the Serendipity Books series.  An acknowledgement of gratitude goes to Mr. Stephen Cosgrove, the author of Serendipity books who helped with the rights and access to these beautiful images.  Featured in the picture to the right is the Frazzle room, aka the newborn room.  Newborns will be directed immediately into this room upon arrival to limit exposure to illnesses.  It is decorated to resemble an inviting homey nursery and furnished with a cozy sofa and rocking chair for ease of feeding your little one.  There is room for siblings to witness the first checkup for their new baby sister or baby brother.

The Inspiration

The Divide

A beautiful mural depicting a wishing well surrounded by some of the beloved characters of the Serendipity books will greet you as you enter the office.  It separates the sick and well side of the waiting room.  Each side also has its own dedicated entrance into the clinical area with separate vital signs room and restroom.

Clinic Photo Gallery

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