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Appointment Policy

All visits are by appointment only.  Patients who walk-in without an appointment will be offered the next available slot.  Urgent visits will be worked in based on its acuity.  Same day sick visits are guaranteed if the office is contacted by 3 pm.

Please call if you will be running late to your appointment.  Patients arriving more than 15 minutes past their appointment time will be worked in as the schedule allows.

No Shows

If you cannot make it to your scheduled time, please contact the office to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours to prevent a $40 no show fee.  Patients who do not arrive by 30 minutes past the appointment time will be documented as a "no show" and be charged a $40 fee.  Three "no shows" will result in dismissal from the office.

Financial Policy

We participate in most health care plans offered in the area. It is advisable to notify your insurance carrier of your baby’s arrival and that you have selected Dr. Rosabelle McConkey as your child’s PCP (primary care physician)

to ensure maximum coverage for health care costs. Some policies will not cover the expenses for your baby unless notified within 30 days of birth. We also require that you notify us (by copying the front and back of insurance card) any time a change is made to your insurance plan or carrier. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the coverage of your plan and it’s restrictions. You are ultimately responsible for services that are not a covered benefit. Please be sure to bring your insurance identification card with you to each visit.

Fees for services rendered are based on the prevailing fee schedule for this area. Payment is expected at the time of visit. You may pay by MasterCard, Visa, or cash.  All co-pays must be paid at the time of the child’s visit regardless of who accompanies the child. In the event that a friend or relative brings your child to the office, we ask that person to be responsible for paying the bill or co-pay. Please save your cash receipts. For your convenience, you may keep your credit card information in your file and sign an authorization which allows us to charge your account for your co-pays or co-insurance.

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